I live on Long Island in beautiful Suffolk County and I'm an empty-nester!   As my children (Kristine, Jonathan and daughter-in-law Kait) started to grow and find their own way, I was able to focus on my passion and began working toward my certification as a Doula!  What better way to prepare for the growth of my own family, than to be ready for their families (and grandchildren)!

Soon my deep connection with pregnancy, labor and the birth process was birthed!  Pregnancy and birth is one of the most powerful and transformative experiences in a woman's life and I became a Doula to love and support families through their journeys. 

As I built my confidence, so too my passion built!  I continued on for my second certification as postpartum doula.  Then in 2016, I received my third certification as a postpartum placenta specialist (encapsulation).  It’s been an amazing and busy journey!

It is my passion and goal to be a loving and caring source of information and support to women and their families throughout this special time.  There are so many choices for you, so explore, read, learn … and enjoy the journey!

Give me a call and let's chat about your journey!  Or, better yet, let's schedule a free consultation at a convenient time.

Marjorie "Mama" Baer

PS - I'm a proud Mama too ...enjoy some photos below of my children!   I enjoyed every minute of the journey and I'm looking forward to helping you in your journey too!   It goes very quickly!  Savor and enjoy every moment!  Let the fun begin!

My beautiful daughter Kristine above who is currently finishing her Doctor of Chiropractic! 

My beautiful daughter-in-law Kait, who is a 3rd grade school teacher currently working toward earning her Masters in Education.

My handsome son Jonathan who earned his Masters in Engineering.

Another pic of my son 

Another quick pic of healthy cooking with my daughter!